About me

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Hello there, my name is Andrea Gottardo. I was born in 1996 in Pordenone, Italy, but I now live and study in Vancouver, Canada.

I have many interests, namely studying foreign languages and learning about economics. But if I had to create a <ul>? with things I really enjoy in life, the first item on this list would definitely be programming.

My main focus is mobile apps development, especially on the iOS platform. I am proficient in Swift, Objective-C, Java, Racket, and modern object-oriented PHP+SQL. I have also experience as a Unix system administrator, delivering cloud-hosted web applications and APIs. I am interested in cyber-security, along with other connected topics such as computer networking and information security.

I attend the University of British Columbia, where I am majoring in Computer Science with an emphasis on Software Engineering. At UBC I have also been a Teaching Assistant for four consecutive terms, working on the team that helps deliver CPSC 110, our first-year introductory programming course, taught using the Racket functional programming language and based on the How To Design Programs curriculum.