About me

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My name is Andrea Gottardo, and I am a 23-years-old computer science student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. Currently in my 4th-year of undergraduate studies at UBC, I am majoring in Computer Science, and planning to graduate in April 2019.

What I do

My major focus area is mobile applications development, especially on the iOS platform, where I prefer to work on the back-end side of things. My favourite languages obviously include Swift and Objective-C, but I am also proficient in Go (which I love using to design my back-end APIs), Java, and object-oriented PHP. I am also interested in computer networking and distributed systems, along with other connected topics such as information security, especially when intersected with mobile applications.

Work experience

In addition to studying at UBC, I am also a Teaching Assistant working in the Department of Computer Science. The courses I contributed to include:

Things I do

My portfolio is a good start to look into this.