About me

A photo of me

My name is Andrea Gottardo, and I am a 23-years-old computer science student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. Currently in my 4th year of undergraduate studies at UBC, I am majoring in Computer Science, and will be graduating in April 2019.

What I do

My major focus area in software engineering is mobile applications development, especially on the iOS platform, where I prefer to work on the back-end side of things. My favourite languages obviously include Swift and Objective-C, but I am also proficient in Go, which I use to design RESTful APIs, Java, and object-oriented PHP. My interests reside in computer networking and distributed systems, along with connected topics such as information security, especially when intersected with mobile devices.

In my free time, I am an active contributor to the OpenStreetMap project, and, well… I work on iOS apps. Have a look at my portfolio for more. 😉

Work experience

In addition to studying at UBC, I am also a Teaching Assistant working in the Department of Computer Science. The courses I contributed to include: