About me

A photo of me

My name is Andrea Gottardo, and I am a 23-years-old software engineer living in Vancouver, BC. I graduated in April 2019 from the University of British Columbia with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, and I am currently working at Fortinet, Inc. as a Junior Software Development Engineer, focusing on iOS applications.

What I like doing

Although presently my focus area is iOS development, I am skilled in back-end development as well. My favourite language is obviously Swift, but I am also proficient in Go, which I particularly enjoy using to design RESTful APIs and multi-threaded applications. In the past, I also used to TA a software engineering course using Java.

Outside of mobile apps, my interests reside in computer networking and distributed systems, along with connected topics such as information security, especially when intersected with mobile devices and wireless networking.

In my free time, I am an active contributor to the OpenStreetMap project, I like listening to 60s/70s/80s rock music and, well… I work on iOS apps. Have a look at my portfolio to see some apps I designed before starting my current job. 😉

Work experience

Fortinet (May 2019 - present)

I am currently working at Fortinet as part of a small team developing FortiExplorer, an iPhone/iPad/Apple TV application that allows our customers to monitor and manage their enterprise routers, Wi-Fi access points and switches.

The app is entirely written in modern Swift and makes extensive usage of REST APIs, together with native iOS networking frameworks.

UBC Computer Science (Jan 2017 - Apr 2019)

Before joining Fortinet, I worked as a Teaching Assistant at UBC for the entire duration of my undergraduate program minus my first semester. The courses I contributed to include: